ES6: Uncommon Color Combo Dining Room
Dining Room Inspiration by Elizabeth Stanton 
An unexpected color combination is one of my favorite ways to infuse personality and character in a space. Peachy melon, olive green, and dusty blue work here for a couple of reasons. One: these colors are all in the same tonal family. Saturated colors like to be with other saturated colors. Muted colors work beautifully with other muted colors. Two: there is a balance of cool and warm tones. The blue, silver, minty green, and gray of the weathered wood are countered by the warmth of the peaches and pinks of the artwork, the copper mugs, and even the olive green rug. I hope these tips give you courage to create some uncommon color combinations in your own life, whether it be in your decor or wardrobe. Find the rug, green ceramic planter, and the bar cart Apple & Oak .

Find it all here:

dining table:

bar cart: 
tree (Weeping Fig/ Ficus Benjamin): 
planter pot:*planter* 
copper mugs: coming soon to Apple & Oak 

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