ES5: Transitional Living Room
Transitional Living Room 
Today’s moodboard is a lesson in neutrals, just the right amount of black, and punches of color to keep things interesting. My favorite rooms are just a little bit off; “What’s that edgy neon infused art doing in this otherwise transitional space?" I’ll tell you what’s it doing, it’s TELLING A STORY. You are not a neutral person, are you? You have embarrassing moments where you rose above by laughing at yourself. You have interests that nobody else - not even your mom- gets. You have a wild hair that sometimes manifests as spontaneous dance parties. You’re not vanilla so don’t let your rooms be vanilla. Remember, your quirky focal point, like this neon art, shines best when the rest of the room is a bit subdued. And never underestimate the power of just a little bit of black in any room. Find the floor lamp, beautiful rug, gold and white pillows at Apple & Oak. Find the insane agate art print by my art crush #kristikohut. See below for all sources and links.  
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