ES1: bohemian bedroom design
This romantic, bohemian bedroom design was inspired by the feminine muted colors found in the rug, a vintage hand-knotted Turkish kilim named Pearl. Find Pearl along with the lavender velvet pillow in the shop. Layer Pearl (4’4”x7’6”) on top of a large sisal to work in a large bedroom like this one. A rattan sleigh bed with an indigo kantha blanket folded at the foot establishes a quirky laid back vibe while the crystal chandelier lends polish and sophistication. You’ll need a place to set the prettiest drinking glass ever and a collapsible leather stool by the bed is just the thing. Don’t forget greenery which enlivens any space; an indoor citrus tree smells amazing and looks beautiful.

Find it all here:
Throw pillow:
Kantha throw blanket:
Leather stool/side table:
Drinking glass:

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