sold out vintage hand-knotted rugs

$ 480.00

These beautiful rugs are straight from Turkey.  They are all original, vintage, hand-knotted rugs (no reproductions).  All made with 100% natural wool and natural dyes.  They are gone through strict quality tests and are ready for your home!

These are examples of rugs we have had in the past (but have sold).  If you see one you love, send us an email and we can try to match you with a similar option.

The rugs in bold are in stock and listed individually.  You can find them here.

  • Elli (3.7x6.6) sold
  • Lala (4.3x7.2) sold
  • Mahira (3.8x6.6) sold 
  • Ilkay (6x9.3) sold
  • Di (4.4x7.2) sold 
  • Gretchen (6x9) sold
  • Uma (3.7x5.1) sold
  • Nina (2.4x4.2) sold
  • Naomi (3.5x5.5) sold
  • Anya (3x6.6) sold
  • Noelle (3.5x6.5) sold
  • Ezra (4.4x8.2) sold
  • Hayley (5x8) sold 
  • Leia (3.9x6.6) sold
  • Camille (3.2x8.8) sold
  • Nala (3'10"x7"1") sold
  • Sasha (4x8) sold
  • Sophia (4'6"x7') sold
  • Victoria (4'6"x7'10") sold 
  • Elle (4'1"x7'2") sold
  • Juliette (3'10"x6'10") sold
  • Sage (4'6"x7'4") sold
  • Jana (6x9) sold 
  • Lani (3'7"x7'2") sold
  • Sam (2.11"x6') sold
  • Taylor (2'4'x8'3") sold
  • Trudy (4x7) sold
  • Fern (3x10) sold
  • Kiera (4'7"x6'10") sold
  • Jes (3'7"x5'7") sold 
  • Larissa (3'3.5"x13'2")  (runner) sold 
  • Adeline (4'8"x8'4") sold 
  • Val (3'1"x5'3.5") sold 
  • Alice (7'5"x9'9" sold 
  • Penelope (6'9"x9'6") sold  
  • Cora (3'3.5"x8'7") sold (runner)
  • Luna (3'9"x6'5") sold
  • Dolly (2'11"x9'1") sold  (runner)
  • Lilith (small) sold  
  • Poppy sold 
  • Reign (4'6"x7'6") sold 
  • Rose (4'7"x6'10) sold 
  • Talon (4'4"x7'1" sold 
  • Avery (4'7"x7'4") sold 
  • Celina (4x7) sold 
  • Fiona (3'9"x6'10") sold

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