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handwoven baskets

$ 30.00

Xinh Baskets are the original rice baskets that people use to carry when harvesting rice from the field. These Vietnamese baskets are handwoven and hand sewn by the people of a small village in Southern Vietnam.  They are lightweight, foldable and incredibly sturdy for a variety of uses. It's functional and effortless and has gained popularity around the world in recent years, especially to interior designers. 
All directly traded and ethically made. 
100% natural seagrass baskets. They are flexible, foldable, yet incredibly sturdy for a variety of uses.
  • Mini: 10'Height-10'Diameter
  • Small: 12'Height-12'Diameter
  • Medium: 14'Height-14'Diameter
  • Large: 14'Height-17'Diameter

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